Gateway Island Murfreesboro TN

Below are some pictures from the new Gateway Island in Murfreesboro, TN. My first wedding there was the first week of November. It was a beautiful day, and these are some pictures that I took. Gateway Island is operated by the Murfreesboro Park's Department. It is located out on the north side of town near the new hospital and just down the street from all the new restaurants and shopping areas.

Gateway Island is an addition to the Murfreesboro Greenway system. It has a reception building, gazebo, fountains and overlook to a small lake. The reception facility includes restrooms, a kitchen and small reception area. Perfect for a small to medium size wedding. Of course, you could have a larger wedding using the gazebo and have your reception elsewhere.

Gateway Island can be rented 7 days a week. The rates, as with most city and state park rentals, is very reasonable. Published rates as of this writing are $250 for half a day and $350 for a full day. This includes the reception area. If you don’t need the reception building, it’s $100 less. There is also a $200 refundable damage and cleaning deposit.

The park also offers equipment rentals at reasonable rates. You can get chairs, tables, and small or large tents.

When I was there, they were completing the Gateway Island parking area and it looked like to would be ready soon.